The Wolff + Meier insulation glass factory was founded in 1972 in the town of Langgöns in central Hesse. Today, Wolff + Meier, with over 35 years of company history, is one of the most experienced insulation glass manufacturers in Germany.

Four years after its successful start-up, the company was able to set new benchmarks in the area of production efficiency with the help of innovative optimisation software, which was developed in-house. Already at that moment, Wolff+Meier demonstrated foresight - today an advanced version of this software is used by a large number of companies and is leading on the world market in the area of cut optimisation.

Wolff + Meier also quickly became present on the new markets: As early as the year of german reunification (1990), a subsidiary was created in the new federal states, and another in the Czech Republic in 1994.

Today, the products and services of Wolff + Meier GmbH & Co. KG cover the entire range of insulation and functional glass, whereby some 1,200 sheets are produced daily in Langgöns. Apart from this, the company is also involved with glass enhancement and glass trading.

Along with its core business in Germany, Wolff+Meier now also has many satisfied and loyal clients across Europe, supplying countries such as England, France, Ireland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium.